Oh Christmas Tree


We were really proud of the recycled Christmas tree we made over the festive period. No one loved it more than Beth, who loved it so much she was inspired to write a poem - and here it is:

"I'm dreaming of a green Chrsitmas" by an elderly marketing elf

‘Twas the night before Christmas – well, the office party
Not a creature was stirring, not even a bee
When all of a sudden, Mother Christmas awoke
“A tree we must build – and not out of oak!
Recycled it must be, from prospectuses of old
Aglitter it shall be, and glowing with gold.”
The elves began traversing the globe with glee
Via Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram you see
And when they had gazed upon wonder after wonder
It was time for those prospectuses to plunder.
To the print room they went, skipping along
Singing “26 per box – we are strong!”
Back they did stagger, with box after box
Wishing Rudolph was there to help with these rocks.
Many snowflakes they did make
From old Time Outs they did forsake
And paper chains adorned the rafters
Made from old publications left out as afters.
But the tree it arose and grew inch by inch
But also it did lean like the hat of the Grinch…
With blood sweat and mince pies did those elves make it real
And many more prospectuses did they steal
At last as the sun rose they finished their task
But where was their leader, who had promised the star?
And then she arrived, bearing it from Clapton afar.
Secret Santa presents twinkled under the tree
As the marketing elves smiled and drank their sweet tea.

If you're wondering, Mother Christmas is Demetria, who really did wake up in the middle of the night with this brilliant idea!

Got any environmental poems you want to share? Leave one in the comments below!

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